Sunday, October 13, 2013

Childhood Life

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to everyone.

Hi ! we meet again :)
Today I want to share about the childhood life.

 Imagination of a young children is very high. Sometimes the old people do not understand the children. 

Before that, I would like to tell you guys a short story. There was a young boy who became a close friend of mine. We played together, run here and run there, then we both stop under the mango tree, smile, then laugh and talk...
He said to me " If I will become rich, I will buy you a big doll that look exactly like you, and a big house where we can play, and live together with full of toys that everything we need so that our happiness will never end... "

Be a children such a good time for ever. They do not have a problem and do not have any big commitment. If we have the machine time like in the Doraemon cartoon, I am very sure, that many of us like to go back to our childhood life. Our old childhood life are not the same with the childhood of the children now a days. 

In this modern era,children life are more with gadgets compared with the people around them. Compare to our old times, we are busy build relation with people around us and get to know many new knowledge.
Children now a days a more expert in gadgets compared to adults. It is not a possible if your younger sisters or brothers teach you about the gadgets.

In my opinion, I think the children in this era are not as glad as we are because they are not able to have the enjoyable moments with their friends in their childhood life like us. But if we see on the positive side, they are lucky because they have been exposed with the technology that are very usefull for their era.

that's all from me. thanks for reading :)

Cultural Taboos

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to everybody.

There are a few cultural taboos that we are usually heard ;

  • sitting on the pillow - will cause a blain at butt
  • sitting on stairs - will delayed your marriage
  • singing at the kitchen - will marry an old man
  • change your place while eating - married with more than one persons.
Do you believe all that things? when I am still children, I believe all that nonsense things. But I confident some of us still believe all that cultural taboos that I have list down above.

So, as a Y generations, I want to correct it and make the people outside there to think rationally.
First, the old people said that if we sitting on the pillow, it will cause a blain at our butt. Actually the reason is we are not polite to sitting on the pillow as we use it to lay our head on it. Then, the old people also said that if we are sitting on the stairs it will delayed our marriage. The reason behind all of this is they afraid if we are falling down while sitting on the stairs.

 Other than that, we are not aloud to sing at the kitchen. I am sure the question 'why I am not aloud to do that?' play in your mind.As a teenager,we are curious to know the meanings behind all of this. Am I right?So now, I would to tell you that the old people does not aloud it because it is a nightmare when your food in the pan BURNT!! Automatically your dishes will taste bad and no want are dare to eat it. Lastly,do you know that we are not aloud to change our place while eating? The old people said that if we change our place while eating, we will marry with more than one person. Behind of this story, actually they afraid if we spill out the food and mess the place. So, they make this nonsense story just to scare us.

So people, do not believe the scary things easily. Think wisely ! but do not blame the old people because all of what they said, they are for  our own goodness.